FPSC Zoology Past Papers

FPSC Zoology Lecturer Previous Check questions . Following are the questions from Previous FPSC Zoology Lecturer Check Papers. View solutions to the questions on the backside of the web page. 1. The amphibians and the __________ characterize the 2 main branches of the tetrapod lineage. (A) reptiles (B) birds (C) temnospondyls …

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FPSC Islamic Studies Past Paper

FPSC Islamic Studies (Islamiat or Islamiyat) Past Papers. Following are the questions from past FPSC Lecturer Tests for the post of Lecturer Islamic Studies BS-17 under Federal Government of Pakistan. 1. Who wrote the book “Muatta”? (A) Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) (B) Imam Malik (R.A) (C) Imam Ahmed bin Hamble (R.A) …

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