FPSC Physics Lecturer Test Past Papers

Following are the questions from Previous Physics Lecturer Checks by Federal Public Service Fee (FPSC). Discover solutions to the questions on the backside of the web page.

1. A line becoming a member of any planet to the Solar sweeps out equal __________ in equal time.
(A) areas
(B) distance
(C) velocity
(D) angle

2. Fluid circulation wherein the velocity varies layer-by-layer is known as?
(A) regular circulation
(B) chaotic circulation
(C) laminar circulation
(D) turbulent circulation

three. The parallel axis theorem has the shape?
(A) Icm + MH
(B) Icm + M2H
(C) Icm + MH2
(D) none of those

four. A sphere, a cylinder and a hoop begin from the remaining and roll down the identical incline. Which physique reaches the underside first?
(A) sphere
(B) cylinder
(C) hoop
(D) all our bodies on the identical time

5. A skinny strip of fabric is bent into the form of a semicircle of radius R. Its middle of mass is given by?
(A) zero.637R
(B) zero.657R
(C) zero.677R
(D) zero.697R

Solutions: FPSC Physics Lecturer Take a look at Previous Papers
1(A) 2(C) three(C) four(A) 5(A)

6. The work completed by the resultant power performing on a system is the same as the change in __________ of the system.
(A) kinetic power
(B) momentum
(C) angular velocity
(D) torque

7. If the speed is doubled then Kinetic Power of a transferring object will likely be?
(A) double of earlier worth
(B) four occasions of earlier worth
(C) half of earlier worth
(D) one-fourth of earlier worth

eight. The worth of ‘g’ on the middle of the Earth is?
(A) zero
(B) 1
(C) 9.8m/s2
(D) none of those

9. What’s the vector power because of a possible power U = (1/2)kx2
(A) kx
(B) –kx
(C) 1/2kx
(D) –1/2kx

10. If r = 1.5mm, VT = 7m/s. The worth of b for the raindrop assuming the drag power is given by D = bv, and the density is 1.0g/cm, is given by?
(A) 2×10–5N.S/m
(B) three×10–5N.S/m
(C) four×10–5N.S/m
(D) 5×10–5N.S/m

Solutions: FPSC Physics Lecturer Take a look at Previous Checks
6(A) 7(B) eight(A) 9(B) 10(A)

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