FPSC Physics Lecturer Test Sample Questions

Following are the sample questions for Physics Lecturer Tests by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Find answers to the questions at the bottom of the page.

1. The square of the period of any planet about the Sun is proportional to the __________ from the Sun.
(A) square of the semi-major axis
(B) square of the planet’s mean distance
(C) cube of the semi-major axis
(D) cube of the planet’s mean distance

2. Which from the following is true about the Earth?
(A) The Earth’s crust is not uniform
(B) The Earth is not a sphere
(C) The Earth is rotating
(D) All are true

3. e^++e^- → radiation. The process will be
(A) annihilation
(B) pair production
(C) photoelectric effect
(D) Compton’s effect

4. If the gravitational force of attraction between any two bodies depends on 1/R2 and is directly proportional to the mass of the bodies. Then the period of the planet round the Sun, in a circular orbit will be proportional to
(A) R2
(B) R–2
(C) R3/2
(D) R

5. If W1 and W2 be the work done along two different paths, by a conservative force, then?
(A) W1 + W2 = 0
(B) W1 – W2 = 0
(C) W1W2 = 0
(D) W1W2 = 1

Answers: FPSC Physics Lecturer Test Sample Questions
1(D) 2(D) 3(A) 4(C) 5(B)

6. Relation between Kinetic Energy and Momentum can be expressed as
(A) K.E = 2PM
(B) K.E = 2P/M
(C) K.E = 2M/P
(D) K.E = P2/2M

7. If the length is doubled the time period of the simple pendulum will be
(A) \sqrt(2)t
(B) \sqrt(4)t
(C) 2t
(D) 4t

8. The dot product of force and velocity is
(A) power
(B) work
(C) energy
(D) torque

9. Fermi Statistics is applicable for an ensemble of particle having spin of
(A) I = 0
(B) I = 1
(C) I = 1/2
(D) none of these

10. In a system of particles, the net external force equals the rate of change of the __________ of the system.
(A) velocity
(B) acceleration
(C) linear momentum
(D) torque

Answers: FPSC Physics Lecturer Test Sample Paper
6(D) 7(A) 8(A) 9(C) 10(C)

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