Grammar Test

1. While UK has earned record revenue this year, __________ well behind in exports.
(A) it still lag
(B) it still lags
(C) it lag still
(D) it lags still

2. Anna and Tania went shopping, but __________ couldn’t find anything __________ liked.
(A) they, those
(B) they, them
(C) those, they
(D) they, they

3. Nuclear energy is __________ dangerous to be used widely.
(A) so
(B) such
(C) too
(D) that

4. If I have money, I __________ it tomorrow.
(A) will purchase
(B) would purchase
(C) have purchase
(D) have purchased

5. Cannon had __________ unique qualities _________ it was used widely in ancient times.
(A) such, that
(B) such, so
(C) that, since
(D) that, that

6. She succeeded by __________ hard.
(A) work
(B) working
(C) continuous work
(D) continuous working

7. Katherine made her children __________ chores on Sunday.
(A) make some
(B) take some
(C) do some
(D) does some

8. I enjoy __________ tennis.
(A) to play
(B) plays
(C) playing
(D) to playing

9. Most of the guests arrived __________ buses.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) from
(D) in

10. The departmental store is open __________ eight to seven.
(A) by
(B) from
(C) between
(D) during

1. B
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. C
9. D
10. B

11. On leaving the shopping plaza, Kate was robbed __________ purse.
(A) by her
(B) by hers
(C) of her
(D) of hers

12. If I had money, I __________ it now.
(A) will purchase
(B) would purchase
(C) would have purchased
(D) have purchased

13. The man __________ you met is an anchorperson.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which

14. The woman __________ is standing by the table works in electronic media.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which

15. He is looking for accommodation __________ in flat or shared house.
(A) both
(B) until
(C) neither
(D) either

16. You can go neither by train __________ by bus.
(A) no
(B) nor
(C) or
(D) and

17. Before designing a public park, the architect must __________ the public.
(A) consider
(B) considers
(C) recognize
(D) recognizes

18. When she was younger, she __________ five kilometers a day.
(A) walked
(B) had walked
(C) has been walking
(D) had been walking

19. The house is large __________ is quite old-fashioned.
(A) and
(B) or
(C) which
(D) but

20. We need to find __________ method to solve this problem.
(A) other
(B) the other
(C) another
(D) others

11. C
12. B
13. C
14. A
15. D
16. B
17. A
18. A
19. D
20. C

21. The students in our school are __________ in other schools.
(A) smarter
(B) smarter than
(C) smarter than those
(D) more smarter than

22. The number of web entrepreneurs __________ increasing every year.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) has been
(D) have been

23. Write down __________ your name and roll number.
(A) both
(B) either
(C) neither
(D) not only

24. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) burns less efficiently than gasoline __________.
(A) burn
(B) burns
(C) should burn
(D) would burn

25. Oxygen can be mixed with __________ gasses such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Chlorine.
(A) another like
(B) another
(C) the other
(D) other

26. The man __________ wallet was stolen called the police.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which

27. The market is nearer to them than __________.
(A) we
(B) our self
(C) us
(D) ourselves

28. He takes his turn, and she takes __________.
(A) her
(B) hers
(C) herself
(D) himself

29. If I had had money, I __________ it yesterday.
(A) would purchase
(B) would purchased
(C) would have purchase
(D) would have purchased

30. Kate, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) were

21. C
22. A
23. A
24. B
25. D
26. B
27. C
28. B
29. D
30. C

31. White ball __________ for the first time in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.
(A) used
(B) was used
(C) had used
(D) has been used

32. The new information on dengue virus caused panic in the public and government __________.
(A) like
(B) likely
(C) alike
(D) dislike

33. I cannot come to see you _________ tomorrow.
(A) by
(B) till
(C) until
(D) unless

34. He has been living in Switzerland _________ two years.
(A) for
(B) since
(C) from
(D) until

35. She is standing __________ her boyfriend.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) in
(D) for

36. He paid the dining bill __________ a credit card.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) in
(D) for

37. He did not give up __________.
(A) hope
(B) hopes
(C) to hope
(D) hoping

38. __________ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled.
(A) Because of
(B) In order to
(C) Despite
(D) In spite of

39. __________ loosing the first match, our team has won the world cup.
(A) Because of
(B) In order to
(C) Despite
(D) In spite of

40. Everyone at the party __________ amazed by his performance.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) were
(D) was

31. B
32. C
33. C
34. A
35. B
36. A
37. D
38. A
39. C
40. D

41. She __________ for the upcoming tennis tournament.
(A) trains
(B) is training
(C) will train
(D) is going to train

42. I __________ New Zealand next year.
(A) go
(B) will go
(C) am going
(D) am going to

43. There are some vacant rooms __________ in flats and shared houses.
(A) both
(B) between
(C) either
(D) neither

44. The sun rises __________ the east.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) from
(D) towards

45. Nitrogen gas is in abundance __________ the Earth.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) above
(D) along

46. I was watching a TV program, when he __________ in.
(A) walk
(B) walks
(C) walked
(D) was walking

47. We are planning __________ out to dinner tonight.
(A) taking our guests
(B) guests to take
(C) guests taking
(D) to take our guests

48. She took lessons __________ how to swim.
(A) learn
(B) for learning
(C) to learn
(D) learning

49. The class teacher __________ Anna move to another chair.
(A) allows
(B) allowed
(C) let
(D) permitted

50. He devotes much of his time __________ for the future.
(A) to planning
(B) to plan
(C) plan
(D) planning

41. B
42. D
43. A
44. A
45. B
46. C
47. D
48. C
49. C
50. A

51. For good health, she __________ bed earlier.
(A) should go
(B) should go to
(C) should goes
(D) should goes to

52. If you have time, you __________ the nature museum.
(A) should visit
(B) should visited
(C) have to visit
(D) would visit

53. It is our problem, not __________.
(A) their
(B) theirs
(C) there
(D) there’s

54. The number of guests at the party __________ amazing.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) had
(D) have had

55. __________ 600 and 800 B.C, Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.
(A) During
(B) Until
(C) Unless
(D) Between

56. She __________ the driving test to get a license.
(A) should pass
(B) should has passed
(C) has to pass
(D) have to pass

57. As there were no buses, she __________ home last night.
(A) has to walk
(B) has to walked
(C) had to walk
(D) had to walked

58. __________ these books belong to?
(A) Who do
(B) Who does
(C) Whom do
(D) Whom does

59. If John __________ earlier, he would always be on time.
(A) get up
(B) got up
(C) had get up
(D) had got up

60. Jolie __________ a book yesterday.
(A) had read
(B) readed
(C) red
(D) read

51. B
52. A
53. B
54. A
55. D
56. C
57. C
58. A
59. B
60. D

Toefl Grammar Test

61. It was raining yesterday, so we __________ out.
(A) did not go
(B) did not went
(C) would not go
(D) would not gone

62. I __________ what was happening.
(A) couldn’t understood
(B) couldn’t understand
(C) was not able to understood
(D) was not able to understand

63. If you work hard, you __________ good marks.
(A) would get
(B) would got
(C) will get
(D) will got

64. If you __________ hard, you would not have failed in the exams.
(A) have work
(B) have worked
(C) had work
(D) had worked

65. If the camera was working, we __________ a movie.
(A) could made
(B) could make
(C) would made
(D) would make

66. Emma is getting __________ the car.
(A) of
(B) off
(C) out of
(D) out off

67. Near the London eye, there is a bridge __________ the Thames River.
(A) above
(B) over
(C) off
(D) towards

68. Michael is falling __________ the horse.
(A) from
(B) of
(C) off
(D) above

69. She is looking for a job in __________ electronic or print media.
(A) both
(B) between
(C) neither
(D) either

70. They could save money if they bought __________ furniture.
(A) economical
(B) economic
(C) economize
(D) economics

61. A
62. B
63. C
64. D
65. B
66. C
67. B
68. C
69. D
70. A

71. I must get to the market before it __________.
(A) close
(B) closes
(C) closed
(D) has closed

72. One day people __________ to Moon.
(A) travel
(B) traveled
(C) will travel
(D) will be travelling

73. Olga __________ gym this evening.
(A) will go
(B) will goes
(C) is going
(D) is going to

74. Emma lives in Brighton, __________?
(A) doesn’t she
(B) don’t she
(C) didn’t she
(D) won’t she

75. They will not come here, __________?
(A) won’t they
(B) won’t them
(C) will they
(D) will them

76. The newly installed application sounds very __________.
(A) interest
(B) interested
(C) interestingly
(D) interesting

77. Our team played __________.
(A) bad
(B) badly
(C) good
(D) well done

78. Alice is not at home at the moment. She __________ work.
(A) is at
(B) is on
(C) was at
(D) was on

79. Alice, Anna and I __________ good friends.
(A) am
(B) was
(C) are
(D) been

80. I __________ my mobile phone yesterday.
(A) loss
(B) loose
(C) lose
(D) lost

71. B
72. C
73. D
74. A
75. C
76. D
77. B
78. A
79. C
80. D

81. My elder brother has got a motor bike but I __________.
(A) have not
(B) has not
(C) had not
(D) could not

82. What __________ to drink, tea or coffee?
(A) you would like
(B) would you like
(C) you would liked
(D) would you liked

83. __________ for a concert this evening?
(A) Would you went
(B) Would you going
(C) Would you like going
(D) Would you like to go

84. Are you interested in __________?
(A) Physics
(B) the Physics
(C) a Physics
(D) Physical

85. I bought some pictures when I was __________ holiday __________ December, and now I’m going to hang them __________ the wall.
(A) in, in, along
(B) on, for, on
(C) on, in, on
(D) on, in, along

86. I am going __________ to watch a movie.
(A) cinema
(B) to cinema
(C) to a cinema
(D) to the cinema

87. Anna has finished her work, now she is __________ home.
(A) going
(B) going to
(C) going to the
(D) going towards the

88. Write your name and roll number __________ top of the page.
(A) at
(B) at the
(C) on
(D) on the

89. We came __________ the room and jumped __________ the swimming pool.
(A) out, in
(B) out, into
(C) out of, into
(D) out of, in

90. She lived __________ Australia __________ 2008 __________ 2015.
(A) in, during, till
(B) in, between, until
(C) in, from, till
(D) in, from, until

81. A
82. B
83. D
84. A
85. C
86. D
87. A
88. B
89. C
90. D

91. Not only her parents __________ her class teacher __________ proud of her results.
(A) but also, was
(B) but also, were
(C) and also, was
(D) and also, were

92. Yesterday I got a call from my old friend, and he __________ me the whole story.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) told
(D) telling

93. Maldives is a country __________ thousands of islands, and it is __________ most dispersed country.
(A) made of, a
(B) made of, the
(C) made up of, a
(D) made up of, the

94. You need to write your mobile number, while home address is __________.
(A) option
(B) options
(C) optional
(D) optionals

95. The problem is not _________ to one of internal.
(A) reduce
(B) reducible
(C) reliable
(D) reduction

96. They had been __________ false beliefs from their childhood.
(A) doctrinated
(B) indoctrine
(C) indoctrinated
(D) indoctrination

97. She is not willing to reveal the identity of her __________.
(A) inform
(B) informant
(C) informal
(D) information

98. Employs in this department always __________ close relations with each other.
(A) maintain
(B) maintains
(C) maintained
(D) maintenance

99. Emma is older __________ Alice, while Jolie is __________ oldest.
(A) than, an
(B) from, the
(C) then, the
(D) than, the

100. I can’t walk anymore, I’m __________ tired.
(A) too
(B) so
(C) such
(D) so such

91. A
92. C
93. D
94. C
95. B
96. C
97. B
98. A
99. D
100. A

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