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FPSC Zoology Past Papers

FPSC Zoology Lecturer Previous Check questions . Following are the questions from Previous FPSC Zoology Lecturer Check Papers. View solutions to the questions on the backside of the web page. 1. The amphibians and the __________ characterize the 2 main branches of the tetrapod lineage. (A) reptiles (B) birds (C) temnospondyls …

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FPSC Islamic Studies Past Paper

FPSC Islamic Studies (Islamiat or Islamiyat) Past Papers. Following are the questions from past FPSC Lecturer Tests for the post of Lecturer Islamic Studies BS-17 under Federal Government of Pakistan. 1. Who wrote the book “Muatta”? (A) Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A) (B) Imam Malik (R.A) (C) Imam Ahmed bin Hamble (R.A) …

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FPSC Economics Past Papers

FPSC Economics Lecturer Past Test questions. Following are the questions from Past FPSC Economics Lecturer Test Papers. View answers to the questions at the bottom of the page. 1. The best measure to see overall performance of an economy of a country is (A) GDP (B) GNP (C) NNP (D) NNI …

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